Tab Update: Q4 2013

Tab Update: Q4 2013

I'm going to start off with the big achievement of the quarter: Tab Creations LLC finished production on, and shipped, its first successful product: Ganjifa: Traditional Round Indian Playing Cards. Roughly 500 decks were sent out to the backers of our Kickstarter, and almost a dozen more have been sold since the cards went up for sale on Amazon. They remain the only print run of Ganjifa cards in the West in the last sixty years.

Now, the launch of the Ganjifa cards didn't occur without issue. Several production problems were caught, and fixed, shortly before printing. Then, customs selected the cards for two extra rounds of inspection as they made their way into to the US. Finally, there were some packaging issues with the first round of cards sent out to Kickstarter backers. But in the end the cards made it out, and we're heard from many happy buyers.

A great deal of progress was also made this quarter for our next game, the tabletop role-playing game Against the Dark Yogi. Over the last few months the game went through the last iteration of its open beta test, then the beta was concluded, and development on the game finished. Since then, the game has been sent to the editor, and we've received the first few chapters back -- clean and edited. We're currently planning the Against the Dark Yogi Kickstarter for sometime early next year.

This quarter also saw our first convention presence as a company. Tab Creations ran a booth at TengaiCon, and is again running one (this weekend) at Springfield GAME. We even have pictures.


And, perhaps our first public release of this information: Work on what is likely to be our third game, a horror-themed casual card game tentatively titled We're All Going to Die Here has progressed to the point of extensive internal alpha testing. Hopefully more on this game will be forthcoming in the not-too-distant future.

Finally, this quarter saw a number of internal changes. You may notice that our blog is now focusing on the work being done by Tab Creations LLC, whereas before it was focused on our unofficial braintrust, the Tab Creations Collective. Readers may also note that our website underwent a significant revision, and many new internal features made their debut, some of which will be making their way to public visibility quite soon.

And that it for this quarter's Tab Update. Expect the next one after the New Year.

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