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Against the Dark Yogi: Campaign Options Released!

Our first supplement for Against the Dark Yogi: Mythic India Roleplaying has been released, and is now available on DriveThruRPG! Titled Against the Dark Yogi: Campaign Options, this 64-page PDF supplement provides many new options for an Against the Dark Yogi campaign. Retailing at $4.99, and with a print option in the works, its features include:

  • Allow players to choose from a variety of non-human races, such as the monkey-like vanara, the snake-like naga, yakshis, suparnas and more.
  • Emphasize the importance of reincarnation with a optional reincarnation life-path system.
  • Attach consequences to zones for more dynamic battles.
  • Send characters into battle with new astras, the god-weapons.
  • Swear great oaths that the universe itself will enforce.
  • Create characters without caste.
  • Play the game with dice instead of cards.
  • Multiple fleshed out campaign arcs, and more!