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Ganjifa Now on Sale!

For the remainder of the month our Ganjifa: Indian Playing Cards are now on sale for 20% off! Want to play some traditional Indian and Persian card games? Want to use them with our Indian myth RPG, Against the Dark Yogi? Pick them up now for a lower price point!

Ganjifa cards have been around for centuries in India and Persia, but they are relatively new to the West. Ganjifa cards are round playing cards, numbered 1-10 with two face cards: the Raja (King) and the Vizier (Minister). There are 8 suits in the Mughal version which makes 96 cards in all.

All of our cards are round with a 2.9 inch diameter and printed on UV coated card stock Our face cards are lavishly illustrated with all designs based on historic decks from the 16th century.