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Against the Dark Yogi on Sale

From now until Halloween our mythic India RPG Against the Dark Yogi is on sale at DriveThruRPG, as is it's supplement Against the Dark Yogi: Campaign Options. Get them while they're cheap! (Our Ganjifa: Indian Playing Cards are still on sale at Amazon, as well!)

Against the Dark Yogi is a complete roleplaying game set in a fantasy world inspired by Indian myths and legends. It’s features include:

  • A detailed take on stories and tropes from Indian myths without the need to be familiar with the mythology.
  • Run campaigns spanning multiple generations, with in-depth rules for creating and playing new incarnations of past heroes.  
  • A system where player characters accrue both good and bad karma, bringing about consequences for their actions.  
  • Power levels and game play designed to scale up, so players can be the big damn mythic heroes they always wanted to be!  
  • A combat system designed to handle everything from epic duels to pitched battles, where the heroes lead or defeat armies.  
  • Abilities and archetypes drawn directly from Indian myth!