Tab Update: Q1 2016

Tab Update: Q1 2016

The new year has rolled around again, and welcome 2016! Gone is the year of Back to the Future: Part 2, and here is the year of… when the world will be destroyed according to the face psychic at the beginning of Ghostbusters II.

For us here at Tab Creations, 2015 certainly had its share of ups and downs, but in the end we came out ahead. Let’s take a look at the year in review:

2015 got off to a rocky start. We had some unexpected administrative issues, which resulted in essentially playing musical chairs with different titles and responsibilities. Nevertheless, we persevered, conducting the open playtest for Shadows Over Sol, sponsoring Intercon, releasing Ganjifa: Print & Play and releasing the Shadows Over Sol: Quick-Start.

By the second half of the year, the administrative issues were mostly resolved and things were again looking up. We attended Gen Con, sponsored TopCon, participated in the Bundle of Holding and released Against the Dark Yogi: Ready-Made Heroes. We also had a very successful Kickstarter for Shadows Over Sol. Sadly, however, one of our founding members left the company, and we wish him well.

As things stand right now, our Kickstarter backers have the PDF version of Shadows Over Sol in their hands, with the public release coming next week. A variety of unlocked supplements are lined up for release over the next few months.

Looking ahead to the new year, we have all those Shadows Over Sol releases lined up that we just mentioned. We also have a plan for ongoing adventure releases, including at least one Against the Dark Yogi adventure, which is currently in editing. We also have a third RPG in development, which should see an open playtest in the first half of this year.

All-in-all, I call that a success. So stay tuned; we have a lot of gaming goodness coming up in the near future. Happy New Years, everyone! And from all of us here at Tab Creations, we hope you have a grand 2016!

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