Shadows Over Sol: Week Eleven

Shadows Over Sol: Week Eleven

This is going to be the last of the regular weekly updates on Shadows Over Sol. We're going to largely be on holiday for the next two weeks. Once January rolls around, we will be releasing the corrected Shadows Over Sol core PDF. The various unlocked supplements will be released one at a time every couple weeks after that. Instead of making separate weekly posts, we'll simply provide a stats update in conjunction with the regular release announcements.

  • Reminder: If you find any typos or other errors in the Shadows Over Sol PDF, please report them here! We are collecting error reports until January 1st. The week after that we will release a corrected PDF to all backers, as well as the EPUB and MOBI versions of the game. The print version will be coming later in January.

In terms of progress made in the last week, the layout for Shiny New Toys is now finished and it's been added to the release queue. The Mars Colony Map has also been added to the release queue. The VTT pack has now been made available by our partners at Roll20, but we've noticed a few errors and are going to have then corrected before making a formal announcement regarding its release.

Last chance to preorder!

You can still preorder the game until January 1st! Just head on over to our Shadows Over Sol page and follow the PayPal link. Get on that soon, because this is at a discount compared to the final cost!

Current Status

Here is the current status of the various bits and pieces unlocked by the Kickstarter. The statuses here refer to the steps in our our publication process.

  • Editing
    • Eviction Notice adventure
    • Small Mercy adventure
  • Art Direction
  • Layout
    • Beyond Human (next up for layout)
    • Fatal Frontier
  • Queued for Release
    • Consequence Cards
    • GM Screen Inserts
    • Ready-Made Heroes
    • Shiny New Toys
    • Mars Colony Map
  • PDF Published
    • Shadows Over Sol core rulebook (will be corrected the first week of January)
    • Form-Fillable Character Sheet
    • VTT Pack (available, but waiting on corrected version)

Art Preview

Below you can see thumbnails of a couple products we have in the works.

Art Preview Art Preview

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