Tab Update: Fourth Quarter 2023

Tab Update: Fourth Quarter 2023

Hello, 2023 has flown by, and it's time for the year's final Tab Update!

In case you aren't aware yet, our next Kickstarter launches November 1st. So follow that link and click "Notify Me on Launch." It's for an Age of Ambition 3-Pack, containing Heights of Power, Game Master's Toolkit and Melanoc Adventures. The first two of those have already gone out to our Patreon supporters, but this is for their public release, and the third one is entirely new!

Speaking of our Patreon, its next drop is coming later this month. We'll be releasing a sextet of One-Sheet Scenarios for Shadows Over Sol, Dime Adventures and Age of Ambition. Those scenarios will then see a general, public release later in the year or into the first part of the new year.

Meanwhile, we continue to develop and release new packets for the ongoing Saga Machine Unified playtest. Since the last quarterly update, we've released a substantial revision to the health and fatigue system, as well as the full list of standard consequences. The next packet is due out in November. It will contain a full list of character traits, as well as rules for equipment, lifestyle and gear lists for a variety of technological levels. But first, if you haven't filled out the Summer Playtest questionnaire, go do it now!

Looking further to the future, three Shadows Over Sol scenarios and one Age of Ambition scenario have been commissioned, and the writing has wrapped up on two of those. Expect them to be released through our Patreon next year, followed by some sort of crowdfunding effort. The exact format for that effort is to be determined by whether the 3-Pack model we're experimenting with this fall is a success.

Finally, progress is still being made on the next big Age of Ambition campaign. It's a higher-powered campaign, focusing on organization / domain management and heroes who are truly political movers and shakers. Expect to hear more about it next year.

That's all for now. Good gaming, everyone!

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