Age of Ambition: Heights of Power 3-Pack is Live on Kickstarter!

Age of Ambition: Heights of Power 3-Pack is Live on Kickstarter!

Today is the day! This morning we finally launched the Kickstarter for the Age of Ambition: Heights of Power 3-Pack! It funds three short supplements take your Age of Ambition game to the next level! They are:

Heights of Power

Masterful Options for Experienced Heroes

The lifepath system presented in the Age of Ambition core rulebook is great for generating starting characters, but it is less apt at producing the most powerful of heroes—those with exceptional abilities and legendary skill. This book remedies that, providing a selection of options suitable for more experienced and renowned heroes!

Heights of Power is a key supplement for the Age of Ambition roleplaying game. Its features include:

  • Numerous powerful capstone traits, each representing a masterful ability suitable for veteran heroes.
  • A selection of arcane fighting styles, each containing superlative techniques for those who mix magical with martial prowess.
  • A new system of archmagery, presenting myriad options for those seeking to eschew common spells in favor of working their will on the raw energy of magic itself.

Game Master's Toolkit

Alternative Rules, Setting Secrets & Options for Adventure!

The world of Trystell is overflowing with the potential for stories of change in a brave new age. Now game masters have a variety of new options for telling these tales, challenging their parties and deepening the ongoing mysteries in their Age of Ambition campaigns.

The Game Master’s Toolkit is a key supplement for the Age of Ambition roleplaying game. Its features include:

  • A variety of new hazards, rules for generating encounters and options for more dynamic villains!
  • A wide selection of alternative rules, developed over the course of three years of experience and fan feedback.
  • A selection of deep secrets that lie at the heart of the ever-changing world of Trystell.

Melanoc Adventures

Seven Short Scenarios Set in the City of Melanoc

Melanoc Adventures is a compilation of seven short, one-shot scenarios for Age of Ambition. They are:

  • Digging Deeper: The party is hired by a group of miners. Three workers have disappeared in the mines in the past month, and they believe that a snake-like beast called the Grootslang is to blame.
  • The Clockwork Plot: When the party is hired to break into an unhinged engineer’s laboratory, they stumble upon a criminal undertaking, an arcane secret and the ire of an ambitious Thieves’ Guild lieutenant. 
  • The Dreaming Day Heist: When the party is charged with protecting a holy relic from a group of politically motivated thieves, the heroes must thwart the heist, follow a trail of clues and beat the thieves at their own game.
  • A Night at the Circus: When the heroes are called to prevent chaos from breaking out at the circus, they uncover a plot involving experimental alchemy, an extortion racket, a spurned lover and a kidnapped ringmaster.
  • Body Problems: Tasked with tracking down a family’s wayward son, the heroes stumble upon a Thieves’ Guild plot, an unscrupulous physician and a dangerous arcane relic. But even then, not all is as it seems.
  • The Chemist’s Gambit: When an anonymous tip warns of a scheme to poison Melanoc’s outlying farms, the heroes must track down and stop the culprit, all the while uncovering evidence of further espionage.
  • The Honey Trap: Pressure from a sitting member of Melanoc’s Ruling Council leads to an investigation of a radical political group and a plot to sway the balance of power in the city.

Check out the project on Kickstarter!

Heights of Power

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