Tab Update: Fourth Quarter 2022

Tab Update: Fourth Quarter 2022

Hello, friends, fans and gaming family! As usual we've been mighty busy, so let's take a gander at how things are progressing!

One week ago today, we wrapped up the What Lies Beneath Kickstarter. It was a success! We raised $4,161 from 127 backers. We did a couple things differently this time and I'm not sure how much they helped or hurt us. For one, this Kickstarter only lasted 23 days, and while that didn't seem to matter for Jovian Whispers, that's also only a single data point, making it difficult to draw a solid conclusion. For another, this time we forewent our usual "Patreon Challenge" goal, and while no one commented about missing it, that may have been a missed opportunity. Finally, this Kickstarter was launched in the fall, and looking back at our past ones, for whatever reasons our Kickstarters in the spring or late winter seem to do better than those later in the year.

Anyway, we're reached no solid conclusions from all that, it's just things we're mulling over.

Meanwhile, we've wasted no time beginning production on What Lies Beneath. First, we set up the What Lies Beneath Preorder Store. Then we started editing. Unlike with most of our previous large projects, we have chosen to edit this book in house. While this will slow down production somewhat, we also believe that it will result in a better product. As of the writing of this post, the first three chapters of the book (roughly 25% by page count) have been edited and received their initial layout pass. We will continue to edit the remaining chapters over the course of the next few weeks.

Art also continues to be commissioned. We're wrapping up the first wave of art with the next couple commissions, and we'll begin the final wave once all chapters have received their initial layout. This will allow us to commission those final pieces based on what space is available in the book.

As far as the unlocked stretch goals go, two of the three one-sheet scenarios have been outlined and writing was started on one of them.

In the next week, we plan to edit and make the initial layout pass on chapter four. We also plan to write a detailed requisition and start soliciting artists for the poster map.

In other news, Shadows Over Sol: Dark Abyss will release soon through our Patreon. Then, on November 22, the quickstarter for it will launch. Meanwhile, editing slowly continues on Age of Ambition: The Forslin Job. Depending on how things progress, it will become either our January or April release through Patreon and quickstarter. Finally, I am pleased to announce that our revised Ganjifa cards have officially reached distribution and are presently available in stores.

Looking further into the future, we are preparing for our semi-annual company summit near the end of the year. In it, we will lay out our final plans for the coming year and beyond. There are some exciting developments behind the scenes, ones which I can't wait to announce in the coming quarter.

That's all for now. Good gaming, everyone!

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