Dark Abyss Scenario for Shadows Over Sol Coming Soon

Dark Abyss Scenario for Shadows Over Sol Coming Soon

The Shadows Over Sol: Dark Abyss Kickstarter launches November 22! It will be available on Patreon on Monday November 21st. Mark your calendars. Or better yet, follow the link below and click "Notify Me on Launch."

Dark Abyss is a thrilling 32-page action horror scenario for the Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game, featuring an underwater tale of horror and survival.

Dark Abyss on Kickstarter

Desperate and on the run, the team accepts a job working on a research station near the bottom of the Mariana Trench. There, cut off from the outside world, they meet a crew with few scruples and many secrets. As conman plays conman, a kilometer away, an abandoned trove of dangerous technology sits alone and unguarded—but not inactive—hiding a monstrosity no one could have ever expected.

Dark Abyss features a high-pressure survival horror scenario for Shadows Over Sol. It is designed to run between one and three gaming sessions. Its features include:

  • A tight-knit cast of characters, isolated near the deepest part of the ocean
  • A new secret weapons project, operated by the arms manufacturer Xenocom
  • An unstoppable killing machine that the team must escape!

Plus: Stay tuned for huge Black Friday deals on other Tab Creations games that will be announced through the Kickstarter.  

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