Tab Update: First Quarter 2019

Tab Update: First Quarter 2019

The march of years continues on. It is now 2019. Welcome to the future.

This is where we at Tab Creations usually offer a look back at the past year, and then a look ahead at the upcoming year. So without further ado...

2018: A Year in Review

It was a pretty good year for us. It was our second highest by gross revenue, surpassed only by 2016. We had a successful Kickstarter, released 11 products and refreshed several older ones. We also fixed the last of the bugs plaguing our online store and made significant development on upcoming games.

Drilling down, the biggest highlight of the year was the Shadows Over Sol: Siren's Call Kickstarter. Not only was this our most successful Kickstarter by pledge total, it also proved to us that Kickstarting large supplements is financially viable. The Kickstarter unlocked five companion products, in addition to the main Siren's Call book. It also helped fund a refresh of our Shadows Over Sol consequence cards, quick-start and GM screen inserts.

Meanwhile, our Patreon steadily continued. Through it, we released four regularly-scheduled products, plus one bonus adventure, unlocked in a cross-promotion with the Kickstarter. The Patreon continues to be the avenue through which we support our older game lines. This year saw a new adventure released for both Against the Dark Yogi and Dime Adventures.

As the Siren's Call work drew to a close, the end of the year saw significant development for both We're All Going to Die Here, our upcoming comedy horror card game, and our upcoming fantasy roleplaying game, which still has the working title of Shattered Dominion. Quite frankly, I'm embarrassed that we still don't have a final title for it. which now has the title Age of Ambition (Edited: Feb. 4). Despite that lack, however, the actual game itself is coming along nicely.

2019: A Look Ahead

Our main focus going in to 2019 is to get Age of Ambition ready for its public beta test. At this point, the game has seen extensive internal playtesting testing, but still lacks setting text and a finalized character creation system. Once the character creation system is in place and an outline of the setting cleaned up, we plan to reach out to select external playtesters, with a public beta test to soon follow. With any luck, this will lead to a Kickstarter sometime in the second half of 2019, but it's still too early to put a certain date on it - we need to see how playtesting goes first!

Our secondary goal is to continue to develop We're All Going to Die Here. Right now our development of the game has admittedly reached a design hump that we need to find a way over. Nevertheless, we have a plan to tackle the design challenges and are forging ahead. We will make release plans for it once we are further along in the final design.

Finally, we plan to continue our Patreon. January will see the release of Dime Adventures: Strange Night at the Creedmoor Hotel. April will see the release of a Shadows Over Sol adventure, and releases will follow for both July and October.

That's our plans for the year as they currently stand! Happy new year and good gaming!

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