Sol System Poster Map is Released!

Sol System Poster Map is Released!

Today we are thrilled to announce the release of the Sol System Poster Map for Shadows Over Sol!

Two hundred years from now what should be the shining beacon of the future is instead cloaked in conspiracy and horror. Humankind has expanded throughout the solar system, and there it has discovered mysteries older than humanity.

Now you can have your own 12" x 18" poster map of the Sol system, a perfect companion to any Shadows Over Sol campaign.

Shadows Over Sol: Jovian Whispers

Jovian Whispers Update

At this point the Jovian Whispers campaign and sourcebook, as well as all PDF rewards, have been finished and are either released or queued for release. The final two PDF rewards (the Epilogue and System Hacks documents) will go out to backers in the next couple weeks. Meanwhile, the unlocked scenarios will be released to the public on DriveThruRPG at the rate of one per week.

Physical rewards will ship once the Jovian Whispers printing proof has been received and reviewed. The printer's preparation of the files, however, is taking an unusually long time. It usually takes about 48 hours to prepare the files so that we can order a proof, but in this case it's already taken a week. We contacted them today to see if we can move the process along.

Here is where everything currently stands:

Queued for Release

  • Jovian Epilogue document
  • System Hacks document

Released to Backers, But Not Yet the General Public

  • Trouble on Jackral V (One-Sheet Scenario #1)
  • Fate of the Calamitas (One-Sheet Scenario #2)
  • Outbreak on Adrastea (One-Sheet Scenario #3)
  • The Aerarium Contingency (One-Sheet Scenario #4)


  • Jovian Whispers campaign and sourcebook (awaiting printing proof)
  • Sol System poster map

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