Shadows Over Sol Open Beta Begins

Shadows Over Sol Open Beta Begins

Today we are pleased to announce the start of the open beta test for Shadows Over Sol, our upcoming science fiction horror roleplaying game. Shadows Over Sol uses the latest iteration of the Saga Machine system - the same system used by Against the Dark Yogi.

Anyone can sign up for the open beta today, and download a fully-playable draft of the game rules! Just enter your email into the signup form here!

Want to know more about Shadows Over Sol? Here's the blurb:

Two hundred years from now what should be the shining beacon of the future is instead cloaked in conspiracy and dread. Mankind has expanded throughout the solar system, and there discovered mysteries older than humanity. But the real mysteries have always come from mankind itself. The culture has shattered into myriad subcultures; nation-states are the hollow shells of what they once were. Corporations and other groups wage small-scale wars in the streets or in space. Bio-engineered horrors left over from these conflicts stalk the hulls of ruined stations and colonies. But always there's profit to be made.

Shadows Over Sol is a science fiction horror role-playing game using the Saga Machine system.

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