Shadows Over Sol: Fatal Frontier Released!

Shadows Over Sol: Fatal Frontier Released!

Today we released Shadows Over Sol: Fatal Frontier, our fourth supplement for Shadows Over Sol: Science Fiction Horror Roleplaying.

Science fiction is about new discoveries and their resulting impacts, both wondrous and horrific. Shadows Over Sol: Fatal Frontier is brimming with a variety of these discoveries, just waiting to be uncovered. What happens when the ARC Project finally arrives at Alpha Centauri A? How would society react if first contact with intelligent life were made? What sorts of new fears, political infighting or new frontiers in scientific research would be touched off by such an event?

Shadows Over Sol: Fatal Frontier is a key supplement for Shadows Over Sol. Its features include:

  • A closer took at life on the edge of human sphere, from the outer solar system and beyond!
  • Numerous new discoveries and dark secrets just waiting to be uncovered!
  • A new mode of play, which deemphasizes horror in favor of epic science fiction!
  • Twenty-five new and horrific foes!

Status Report

  • The Shadows Over Sol: Stillwater Poster Map was released last week.
  • The Eviction Notice adventure is queued for release next week. This will be the final release that is part of the Shadows Over Sol Kickstarter.
  • We have a big announcement in the works for late March / early April.

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