Shadows Over Sol: Beyond Human Released!

Shadows Over Sol: Beyond Human Released!

Today we released Shadows Over Sol: Beyond Human, our third supplement for Shadows Over Sol: Science Fiction Horror Roleplaying.

How would society change if fully-sentient AI became possible, or even common? What challenges would an android player character face in society? What more radical genelines have been created? Ultimately science fiction is about social and technological change. Shadows Over Sol: Beyond Human is here to help facilitate these stories!

Shadows Over Sol: Beyond Human is a key supplement for Shadows Over Sol. Its features include:

  • Rules for playing an android or an uplifted animal!
  • Expanded character creation options, including 12 new genelines, 6 new subcultures and an optional point-buy system for generating a character’s stats and skills!
  • A complete character background generator!
  • New systems for handling cover identities and a character’s ever-dwindling sanity!

Status Report

  • The Shadows Over Sol: Stillwater Poster Map is ready for release next week.
  • The Fatal Frontier supplement and Eviction Notice adventure are queued up for release in the following weeks. These will be the final releases that are part of the Shadows Over Sol Kickstarter.
  • We have a big announcement in the works for late March / early April.

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