Dime Adventures: Week 7

Dime Adventures: Week 7

After progress for the last couple weeks being slow, this week has been back on track for productivity!

The layout of the core rulebook is in increasingly good shape. At this point we have finalized the page numbers, generated the table of contents and inserted most of the filler art. In the upcoming week we plan to insert and link all the page references, do a bit of spot editing on new material, generate the index and finish inserting the last of the filler art. This means that if we achieve our progress goals next week, the only thing the core rulebook will be waiting on is the last of the commissioned artwork!

That said, our focus next week will be on whipping the core rulebook into shape. We don't expect to get much done on the various unlocked add-ons and supplements. Our focus will turn to those in the following weeks.

Week's Progress

Here is a bulleted list of everything we've accomplished in the past week.

  • The Dime Adventures character sheet was finished and is now being reviewed for inclusion in the core rulebook and as a form-fillable PDF.
  • We continue to receive and commission new artwork for the core rulebook and its supplements. At this point we only have a handful of illustrations left to commission.
  • So far 7 of the 11 characters for the Character/Boss backers are complete. 2 are in progress, and we have yet to hear from 2 backers. The deadline has passed for the inclusion of these characters in the core rulebook, but there is still room in the various unlocked supplements.
  • The very first writing work was started for Ready-Made Heroes.

Missed the Kickstarter?

You can still preorder the game! Just head on over to our Dime Adventures page and follow the PayPal link.

Current Status

Here is the current status of the various bits and pieces unlocked by the Kickstarter. The statuses here refer to the steps in our our publication process.


  • Expedition Beyond Mount Terror


  • Virtual Tabletop Pack
  • Ready-Made Heroes


  • Arth Poster Map
  • World's Fair
  • Character Sheet

Art Direction

  • Mystic Secrets
  • Cryptid Codex
  • Circles in the Sky


  • Consequence Cards
  • GM Screen Inserts
  • Dime Adventures core rulebook

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