Dime Adventures: Week 5

Dime Adventures: Week 5

This week's progress on the Dime Adventures Kickstarter has continued to be stong, despite unexpected work on the April Patreon release slowing us down a bit.

Most notably, this week we completed the initial layout of the core rulebook! This means that, aside from the few remaining backer characters, we know the page numbers and spacing of all the content that will be in the book! From here, however, we still have a good deal of work to do before the core rulebook is ready for release. We need to integrate the new artwork as it comes in, replace all the "see page XXX" placeholders with their final page numbers, generate the index and write a bit of filler material to make the page count work.

Getting to this stage also means that it is doubly important for us to work with our Character and Boss backers, in order to finalize their backer characters as soon as possible. This way to we can make sure that we have the space reserved for the characters in the layout. As it currently stands, we plan to split backer characters between the core rulebook, Ready-Made Heroes and the World's Fair adventure.

Finally, we continue to expect work on the April Patreon release to impact progress on the Kickstarter, both next week and the week after. This is not ideal, but it is necessary to meet our obligations to all of our fans and customers. We do not expect it to impact the release date of the core rulebook, which is still on track.

Week's Progress

Here is a bulleted list of everything we've accomplished in the past week.

  • We finished putting the Saga Machine chapter of the core rulebook through its initial layout. This means that other than backer characters, the initial layout on the core rulebook is complete!
  • The writing for the World's Fair adventure was finished, and it's now queued for editing.
  • The official Dime Adventures character sheet is now in progress and has passed the rough mockup stage.
  • We continue to receive and commission new artwork for the core rulebook and its supplements.
  • So far 6 of the 11 characters for the Character/Boss backers are complete. 3 are in progress, and we have yet to hear from 2 backers.
  • Cover layouts have been started for all unlocked supplements.

Missed the Kickstarter?

You can still preorder the game! Just head on over to our Dime Adventures page and follow the PayPal link.

Current Status

Here is the current status of the various bits and pieces unlocked by the Kickstarter. The statuses here refer to the steps in our our publication process.


  • Expedition Beyond Mount Terror
  • Ready-Made Heroes


  • Virtual Tabletop Pack
  • Character Sheet


  • Arth Poster Map
  • World's Fair

Art Direction

  • Mystic Secrets
  • Cryptid Codex
  • Circles in the Sky


  • Consequence Cards
  • GM Screen Inserts
  • Dime Adventures core rulebook

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