Dark Yogi: Week Three

Dark Yogi: Week Three

We’re now at three weeks since the end of the Against the Dark Yogi Kickstarter’s funding period, and as time passes we continue to get ever-closer to the release of the final game. For you this week we have an art preview, the usual look at last week’s progress and a glimpse into our release plans.

Progress Report

In the past week the following work on the game has been accomplished:

  • We continue to get surveys in. At this point only 6 backers have not filled out surveys.
  • Work on characters for THE CHARACTER backers continues. At this point 5 are complete and 2 more are in progress. Only one remains completely undone.
  • The extra adventure unlocked by our stretch goals has been fully written and has moved to editing.
  • The cover of the game book is now almost finalized.
  • The game system logo is now almost finalized.
  • At this point we are only missing one piece from our third round of commissioned artwork. After we get that piece back we will commission our fourth and final round of art.

This week we were delayed beginning the consequence card layout due to technical issues, hopefully these issues will be resolved in the upcoming week. Additionally, we hope to begin work on the prana counter layout, make progress editing the extra adventure and finish the characters for our backers.

Reading this and missed the Kickstarter?

You can still pre-order the Against the Dark Yogi PDF (+ eBook formats)! Just head on over to our Against the Dark Yogi page and follow the PayPal link.

Release Plans

At this point I want to give everyone a brief roadmap of our plans leading up to the final Against the Dark Yogi release. Please note that these plans and any mentioned dates are not promised release dates. They are simply our best guesses at this time. It is quite possible - nay, it is a virtual certainty - that we will be incorrect on some of these guesses.

Currently our primary push is getting the game book into internal layout. Layout of the interior of the book is the single biggest task still ahead of us before we can release the game. And before the book can go to internal layout, we still need backer names from all the backer surveys, still need to finish receiving art and still need to have the extra adventure edited. We’re hoping (cross your fingers) to get the game book sent to layout sometime in April.

Once we send the book off to layout we can then switch focus to preparing all the various extras promised in the Kickstarter: the consequence cards, prana counters, GM screen, GM screen inserts, player cheat-sheets, etc. None of these are large jobs individually, but together they are more than enough to keep us busy until the book’s layout is complete.

How fast the layout of the book gets done depends on the guy we’ve hired to do layout, but we’re hoping to get it back sometime around the end of May or maybe sometime in June. Once we’ve gotten the book back we’ll look it over, and assuming everything looks good, release the PDF. All of our THE PDF backers and up will receive an email with instructions on retrieving the PDF at that time.

After the PDF goes out we’re planning to wait a week before sending the files to the printer. Over the course of that week we will be compiling a list of all the small problems and errata found in the book. This will allow us to get those fixed before the game is printed. Once these problems are fixed we’ll also update the PDF files.

Links to our other promised PDFs - such as the GM screen inserts - will go out after the main book. Similarly, the ePub and mobi versions of the game won’t go out until the errata makes it into the base files. After all, we want them to include the errata, too.

Typically once the files are sent to the printer we will then order a printing proof. This is a single copy that’s printed and sent to us so that we can look it over for printing problems before placing the print order for hundreds of copies. Assuming the printing proof looks good, we can then place the full print order. If it doesn’t, we’ll have to fix the issue in our files, resubmit them to the printer and then order another printing proof. That’s just how the printing business works.

Assuming we get the errata fixed on the PDF sometime in June, we ought to have our full order sent to the printers by July. This means that we ought to receive the books sometime later that month, and ought to have the rewards sent out to all of our backers by the estimated “August 2014” date mentioned on the Kickstarter.

Granted, there are some steps in there where our schedule could slip, but right now we are on track for the estimated release date!

Dark Yogi Preview

Below we have another piece of art to show off! This one depicts a rajbat warrior throwing a chakram at a gang of spearmen coming to attack him. We hope you like it.

 We also have a lot more art coming in that we plan to show off in our weekly updates, so stay tuned!

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