Dark Yogi: Week Seven

Dark Yogi: Week Seven

Later this week we’ll be publishing our monthly Kickstarter update for backers of Against the Dark Yogi. In the meantime, here's the usual weekly update for everyone.

Progress Report

After the huge push to move the game to internal layout last week, this week has been something of a breather. Nevertheless, progress on the game has been accomplished. Let’s take a look at what’s been done:

  • We received the printing proof of the Consequence Cards. This proof is currently being reviewed.
  • We’ve also gotten our first feedback from internal layout. The layout is progressing.
  • Work continued on the Player Cheat Sheet. We’re making some adjustments to the layout now that we’ve seen the proofs on the Consequence Cards.
  • We’ve also been pursuing some behind-the-scenes work to ensure that Against the Dark Yogi sees continuing product support.

In the next week we hope to finish the Player Cheat Sheet and begin work on the GM Screen. We also plan to place print orders on some of our extras and add-ons in the coming weeks.

Reading this and missed the Kickstarter?

You can still pre-order the Against the Dark Yogi PDF (+ eBook formats)! Just head on over to our Against the Dark Yogi page and follow the PayPal link.

Dark Yogi Preview

We have a new art preview this week! Feast your eyes on this chariot-riding archer.

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