Dark Yogi: One Week After the Kickstarter

Dark Yogi: One Week After the Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Against the Dark Yogi ended one week ago today, and since then we’ve been very busy getting the ball rolling towards the final release. Since the close of the Kickstarter we’ve been doing cost estimates, commissioning art, finalizing our layout plans and putting together the additional content for the book unlocked by our stretch goals.

The Week’s Bullet List

Want a more detailed look at what we’ve accomplished in just the last week? Here’s a bulleted list of everything we’ve done.

  • Post-Kickstarter cost estimates
  • Finalized layout plans
  • Finalized OGL plans and put together OGL text
  • Compiled Bibliography
  • Compiled list of terms for the Index
  • Wrote up characters for our THE CHARACTER backers (3 of 8 completed)
  • Commissioned third round of artwork (there will likely be one more round after this)
  • Updated our Against the Dark Yogi website
  • Set up a way for people who missed the Kickstarter to still pre-order the PDF through PayPal
  • Outlined the additional adventure unlocked by our stretch goals
  • Sent out backer surveys (about half done at this point)

In the next week we hope to begin to get art back, plan to send out our “Thank You Email” rewards to our $1 backers, plan to begin writing the additional adventure, plan to continue working with our THE CHARACTER backers and more! 

Reading this and missed the Kickstarter?

You can still pre-order the Against the Dark Yogi PDF (+ eBook formats)! Just head on over to our Against the Dark Yogi page and follow the PayPal link.

Cost Estimates

By this time next week we’ll hopefully have some new art to show off, but in the meantime we would like to share our cost estimates, this way our backers know exactly where their money is going. Below you can see a pie chart showing our rough costs and their proportion of the Kickstarter money. Note that this is our best estimate at this time. Costs are subject to change as actual changes and backer surveys come in.

Against the Dark Yogi Cost Estimate

  • Book Printing: This is the cost of printing the hardback, full-color Against the Dark Yogi game books.
  • Art: These are our art costs, including the cover, interior art, world map, layout art and game logo.
  • Shipping: This covers both the shipping and packaging necessary to send out the physical backer rewards.
  • Kickstarter’s Cut: For all Kickstarter projects Kickstarter first takes 10% of the money, half of which goes to Amazon Payments and the other half of which goes to Kickstarter itself.
  • Ganjifa: This is the money used to obtain all the decks of Ganjifa cards rewarded through the Against the Dark Yogi Kickstarter.
  • Add-on Printing: These are our costs for printing all of the other physical goods, including posters, consequence cards, prana counters and GM screens.
  • Layout: This is the money being set aside for layout.
  • Editing: This is the money that’s been set aside to pay our editor.
  • Oh Crap! Fund: This is a buffer of money we’ve set aside to deal with unexpected issues as they arise. Any of this money that remains once all backer rewards have been fulfilled becomes our profit.

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