Age of Ambition: Week 7

Age of Ambition: Week 7

This week we hit a major milestone for Age of Ambition. As of last night, the layout of the core rulebook is complete! All that remains is to wait for the last few pieces of art to come in. There are 5 pieces left: 3 active commissions and 2 pieces waiting in the queue. We expect those to be completed and the PDF sent out to backers in the next couple weeks.

Speaking of which, later today we are locking BackerKit surveys and then charging shipping and add-ons. If you are a backer and haven't filled out your survey yet, do that now!

With the core rulebook layout behind us, our top priority this upcoming week is to finish the editing and layout of Shadows Over Sol: Crash Zone, the April Patreon release. It's close; there are just a few pages left to complete. But getting it out of the way now will help us buckle down and focus on delivering the Age of Ambition stretch goals.

Speaking of stretch goals, this upcoming week we plan to do some writing for Character Options and then hopefully we can move the Bestiary to early layout. We also need to check in with the printer who is going to handle the Deluxe Box and see if they're still operational. (The book printer we use is operational, but the card printer is shut down due to COVID-19 at the moment.) Finally, we're putting together a special mini-adventure as an early thank you to backers.

Full steam ahead! Stay healthy, everyone!

Missed the Kickstarter?

No problem! Preorders for Age of Ambition are still live!

Age of Ambition Progress

Core Rulebook

  • Layout is 100% complete! We're just waiting for the last few art pieces to come in.
  • There are 3 active art commissions and 2 pieces waiting in the queue.


  • Out of Shackles adventure
  • Time Forgot adventure
  • Rise to Power adventure

Writing / Content Production

  • Player Options supplement
  • Campaign Options supplement
  • Bestiary supplement
  • Poster Map (commissioned)


  • Roll20 Character Sheet

Printing Proof

  • GM Screen Inserts (on hold until print service reopens)

Queued for Release / Released

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