Age of Ambition Progress Update

Age of Ambition Progress Update

Hello Friends,

Since there is no Age of Ambition release this week, I thought I would take a moment to keep everyone informed of our progress.

In the last week I finished Shadows Over Sol: Into the Flames, our July Patreon supplement, and ordered a printing proof. I'm also roughly halfway through writing Age of Ambition: Will to Power, the second release in July's Patreon double feature. Thank you to everyone who helped unlock it during the Kickstarter cross-promotion!

In my original estimates, I had hoped that the proof for Out of Shackles would be in our hands today, but it appears that it will take a couple weeks longer than expected. This is in part due to the printers being overwhelmed, and in part due to the fact I am moving, and it will take a few days for mail forwarding to send it to my new address.

Speaking of which, on a personal note, I am moving across the country this week. I don't expect much writing progress in the next few days, but I plan to buckle down and finish Will to Power as soon as I get settled. I still expect to finish writing both it and Time Forgot by the end of July.

Meanwhile, we've decided to fulfill the Age of Ambition Kickstarter in two waves. The print order for our $40 THE GAME backers will be placed in the next week, after that it will likely take 3 to 4 weeks for the orders to ship. Since Matthew handles our fulfillment, my move won't affect that timeline.

That's it for now! Here's where everything currently stands:

  • Core Rulebook: Corrected PDF released!
  • Character Sheets: Available on our website, DriveThruRPG and Roll20.
  • Consequence Cards: Released!
  • GM Screen Inserts: Released!
  • Poster Map: Released!
  • Deluxe Box: Finished. Awaiting bulk order.
  • Bestiary: Released!
  • Campaign Options: Released!
  • Character Options: Released!
  • Out of Shackles: Finished. Proof ordered.
  • Time Forgot: Outlined.
  • Will to Power: Writing. ~1/2 written.
  • Digging Deeper: Released!

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