Age of Ambition: Out of Shackles

Age of Ambition: Out of Shackles

We're thrilled to announce the release of Age of Ambition: Out of Shackles!

When the heroes lead a rebellion on a slave ship they find themselves beset by challenges, from scheming ne’er-do-wells and ex-pirates, to the raw elements and other hazards of the sea. Even when the ship makes it to port, the heroes will discover just how unjust the institution of slavery can be.

Out of Shackles is a beginning adventure supplement for Age of Ambition. It features a slave rebellion scenario, and is designed to run between two and four gaming sessions.

Age of Ambition Update

It's been a couple weeks since the last update, but after a few days off things are getting back to full speed! As mentioned above, Out of Shackles was just released. Yesterday I also finished writing Will to Power, which has been moved into the editing stage. This week I plan to push Will to Power through editing, layout and into proofing. Writing will also likely begin on the final release of the Kickstarter rewards: Time Forgot. I still plan to have the writing on it finished by the end of July.

Here's where everything currently stands:

  • Core Rulebook: Corrected PDF released!
  • Character Sheets: Available on our website, DriveThruRPG and Roll20.
  • Consequence Cards: Released!
  • GM Screen Inserts: Released!
  • Poster Map: Released!
  • Deluxe Box: Finished. Awaiting bulk order.
  • Bestiary: Released!
  • Campaign Options: Released!
  • Character Options: Released!
  • Out of Shackles: Released!
  • Time Forgot: Outlined
  • Will to Power: Editing
  • Digging Deeper: Released!

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