Abuja Fallout Zone is released!

Abuja Fallout Zone is released!

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest Shadows Over Sol scenario! It is the thirteenth supplement funded by our generous Patreon backers; it is Shadows Over Sol: Abuja Fallout Zone. The blurb is below.

Shadows Over Sol descends to Earth for the first time!

What once was the glittering jewel of Africa is now a shattered wasteland, ravaged by climate change and nuclear warheads. Corps and subcultures vie to rebuild Abuja in their own vision, waging constant proxy wars for control through gangs allied to their vision.

Vision is big but hope is distant in the Abuja Fallout Zone.

Abuja Fallout Zone is a sandbox adventure supplement for Shadows Over Sol. It features a tense action horror scenario, and is designed to run one or more gaming sessions

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