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[TabBlog] Tab Update: Q3 2015

A new blog post is available here.

Contents Below:

After the roller coaster which was March-April-May this year, things have finally gotten back on track. While a number of Tab Creations members have new positions, the toll from all these administrative shifts, however, is coming to an end. We didn’t have any releases in Q2 this year, but we are now set for the upcoming quarter.

Downloads of our Shadows Over Sol: Quick-Start are still going strong, which is a positive indicator as the Shadows Over Sol Kickstarter continues to be on target for a September 1s launch. At this point we’ve gotten back all of the edits for the game, and are in the process of reviewing those edits. Meanwhile, we’ve received all of the preview artwork for the Kickstarter, written a draft of the profile and we have the audio track for the Kickstarter video in hand. We still need to match the audio to the visuals. The Shadows Over Sol open beta test also came to a close.

The Against the Dark Yogi core rulebook continues to sell, and we have a new release for the game in the works, which should see publication later this month. Ready-Made Heroes (working title) will be a supplement featuring pregenerated heroes that are ready to play at a moment’s notice. This supplement includes low-enlightenment and high-enlightenment versions of each hero, as well as backstory and hooks for involving the heroes in any of our published adventures. Also relevant to Against the Dark Yogi: we’ve just green-lit several new adventures, which should see publication late this year or into next year.

We’re still going to have a presence at GenCon this year, although our presence will be minimal. Additionally, we will have a minimal presence at TopCon.

That’s about it. As the Shadows Over Sol Kickstarter launches late this quarter and will extend a few days into next quarter, expect the next Tab Update shortly after the close of the Kickstarter! Keep on gaming!


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