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[TabBlog] Tab Update: Q2 2015

A new blog post is available here.

Contents Below:

The last quarter has been a roller coaster at Tab Creations. On the upside, we released the Print & Play version of our Ganjifa cards. We also released the Quick-Start preview of Shadows Over Sol in PDF. It’s now available for free on DriveThruRPG! The latter product has seen a great deal of popularity, and has received stellar reviews (pun not intended).

On the downside, we are on the third printing proof for the Shadows Over Sol: Quick-Start (we’ll get it right this time!). Also, our treasurer and marketing person has had to take a leave of absence for personal reasons, and this has resulted in a good deal of internal financial work we need to deal with. More time spent dealing with administrative issues means less time developing games, and you do the math.

Despite our setback in personnel, we still plan to have a presence at GenCon later this year, although we may have to dial back the events we had planned. We also are still sponsoring TopCon, although we’re having to rework out the details regarding our presence there.

Our Shadows Over Sol Kickstarter is still on target for September.

Speaking of cons and other things, we were sponsors of Intercon again this year. Our open playtest of Shadows Over Sol was also updated from Beta 1 to Beta 2 in the last quarter. We plan to update it from Beta 2 to Beta 3 - the final open beta - sometime in the upcoming week.

Work in this quarter is mostly going to focus on getting administrative issues taken care of, and preparing for the Shadows Over Sol Kickstarter next quarter. If we’re lucky we may also see a small Against the Dark Yogi release.

That’s it for now. Have a good quarter!


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