What Lies Beneath: Week 3

What Lies Beneath: Week 3

We're three weeks into What Lies Beneath's production and progress is being made!

Since the last weekly update, our editing pass has advanced to roughly 63% complete. We finalized the contract for the poster map artist. And we sent out backer surveys. Please get your filled out and return it ASAP! And although it's unrelated to What Lies Beneath, we also released Shadows Over Sol: Dark Abyss through our Patreon and launched its Quickstarter!

In the coming week, we plan to buckle down and make more progress on our editing pass. Ideally, we'll push it past the 80% mark. As this is a holiday weekend, that is our sole focus.

Last but not least, our Black Friday sale is on! Get 35% off all PDFs! Shadows Over Sol and Siren's Call print books are on sale for $20. Ganjifa is on sale for $18! Get them while these prices last.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Here is where everything currently stands. Entries that are underlined had their status changed since last week.

What Lies Beneath

  • 1: Introduction - Edited, ready for layout
  • 2: Heroes - Edited, ready for layout
  • 3: Melanoc - Edited, ready for layout
  • 4: Buried Secrets - Edited, ready for layout
  • 5: What Lies Beneath - Edited, ready for layout
  • 6: Side Quests - Editing started
  • 7: Dramatis Personae - Queued for editing


  • Melanoc Poster Map - Artist hired and work ongoing
  • Player's Brief - Queued for production
  • One-Sheet Scenario #1 - Writing
  • One-Sheet Scenario #2 - Outlined
  • One-Sheet Scenario #3 - Queued for production

Missed the Kickstarter?

You can still preorder the What Lies Beneath campaign and sourcebook! Just head on over to our preorder store!

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