What Lies Beneath: Week 13

What Lies Beneath: Week 13

Last week we posted our quarterly company update instead the usual What Lies Beneath-specific update. So this post covers the last two weeks.

There's been a lot of progress! Currently What Lies Beneath is waiting on one final piece of art. Meanwhile, we're making our final proofing pass. If you have any feedback you'd like to give or typos you've caught in the Initial Backer version, please send them to us in the next week so that we can get them fixed before the files get sent to the printer!

The unlocked extras have also seen substantial progress. The Poster Map has been prepared and a printing proof ordered. The first two One-Sheet Scenarios are complete and have been queued for release. And the Player's Brief has just entered layout. All in all, not bad!

Earlier this week we also launched the quickstarter for Age of Ambition: The Forslin Job, a short scenario wherein Our Heroes must confront xenophobic agitators and thwart a conspiracy to foment discord across the kingdom. Go back it today!

Here is where everything currently stands. Entries that are underlined had their status changed since the last update.

What Lies Beneath

  • Text - Initial PDF sent to backers
  • Ongoing Art - 1 piece


  • Melanoc Poster Map - Printing proof ordered
  • Player's Brief - In layout
  • One-Sheet Scenario #1 - Queued for release
  • One-Sheet Scenario #2 - Queued for release
  • One-Sheet Scenario #3 - Being outlined

Missed the Kickstarter?

There's still time to preorder the What Lies Beneath campaign and sourcebook! Just head on over to our preorder store!

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