Third Quarter Tab Update 2012

Third Quarter Tab Update 2012

We've been busy bees.

This quarter saw the release of no less than three Trystell: Reborn PDF supplements--one of which was the biggest supplement in the series. All this lead up to the release of the Trystell: Reborn hardback itself, which saw print this quarter, and which is the largest completely new book yet released by the Tab Creations Collective.

Oh, and did I mention that our next setting, Arth, is half written? It's an alternate 1904 where strange things plague the earth and the world is ripe for adventure. It should see print by the end of the year. In addition, we have a print supplement for Trystell: Reborn underway and, in fact, also half written. This supplement, Blaugh'Ock, focuses on Trystell's sister moon and is turning out longer than expected. We're as yet unsure about what sort of binding this supplement will get, but it ought to be in the ballpark of 100 pages. It's also packed with an extension of the Lifepath module suitable for Blaugh'Ock characters and other magitech goodness. Expect it to also see print by year's end.

On the digital front our website received a complete overhaul. It should now be easier to navigate on non-JavaScript-enabled browsers, and easier to index.

Looking to the immediate future, expect announcements unveiling the Arth logo, as well as the release of theArth character sheet and other support materials.

Looking farther to the future, past the release of Arth and Blaugh'Ock, we have a secret project in the works. And this is the biggest one the Collective has seen in years. But I'm sure there will be more to release about that as it develops.

For now, have a good third quarter and keep updated.

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