Third Quarter 2013 Tab Update

Third Quarter 2013 Tab Update

Tab Creations continues to pick up steam, and this quarter demonstrates that magnificently.

The biggest news of the quarter is the launch, and success, of our first Kickstarter. This project was to produce a set of traditional round Indian playing cards, known as the Mughal Ganjifa. We not only met our fund-raising goal, but we went well past it, raising over $10,000. This will allow us not only to ship high-quality Ganjifa cards to all of our backers, but to make the Ganjifa cards commercially available online after the backers' copies have shipped.

On that front, we've just received the last of the Ganjifa art back from the artist and are currently putting it in the correct format for the printer. We expect to then send the art over to the printer in the next week, and have the cards sent out to backers, as promised, by September.

Meanwhile, when it comes to RPGs, the open beta of Against the Dark Yogi continues, and is nearing a close. In the past quarter we finished up Beta 1, released Beta 2 and then released Beta 3. This beta is expected to end later this month, leading into Beta 4, which will be the final public beta before release.

We also continued a string of Against the Dark Yogi art previews as well.

With the 'public beta wrapping up, and with the last of the writing on it wrapping up as well, we plan to launch it as our second Kickstarter sometime late this quarter or early next quarter. Stay tuned for more information on that in the future.

On the business front this quarter, we finalized the last of the paperwork necessary for spinning off Tab Creations LLC from the old Tab Creations Collective. The website will be changing to reflect this in the near future, although with a set of improvements and new features for the website.

The last of our first-generation Saga Machine products also saw progress. Writing is now complete onBlaugh'Ock, our upcoming supplement to Trystell: Reborn and we released another freebie for Nexus Endtime. Expect Blaugh'Ock to be released by the end of the quarter and Nexus Endtime to be released next quarter. Both of these books will be released under the old Tab Creations Collective, rather than the new LLC.

Looking to the future, we're beginning to make longer-term plans, but our work on fulfilling the Ganjifa Kickstarter and on planning for the release of Against the Dark Yogi are taking up the bulk of our efforts. This is as it should be, but next quarter we ought to have some more announcements to make regarding future Tab Creations projects. Meanwhile, those who want a glimpse into our development process can follow ourDevelopment Blog.

Until next quarter!


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