Third Quarter 2011 Tab Update

Third Quarter 2011 Tab Update

The second half of 2011 is upon us. The last quarter has been one of moderate but consistent productivity. And having had the semiannual Tab Meeting recently, there are a number of things lined up for the future of the Tab Creations Collective. But first to look back at what this last quarter has accomplished:

Perhaps the largest thing from this last quarter was the work on the[Trystell: Reborn playtest, as well as playtesting work on a variety of new and revised subsystems for the upcoming Saga Machine Companion. This sort of work is both fun and productive as it means we get to both play role-playing games and work towards smoothing out and perfecting our mechanics. And it was insightful. A variety of updates to the Trystell: Rebornerrata have been posted and plans to tweak the final Trystell: Reborn hardcover made.

In addition to playtesting the Saga Machine Companion has seen a great deal of work. Already the book is up to roughly 78,000 words. All of the revised module sections have been completed and what's left if to revise, write, edit and flesh out the appendices. We're hopeful on having the full 128 - 144 page book out by the end of this quarter. And with it, the new default configuration of options for Saga Machine.

Also out this quarter has been three Freebie Spotlights, including two "Other Alternatives" releases which make up a series leading up to the release of the Saga Machine Companion and a map for Trystell: Reborn. Finally, under work this quarter but not yet released as a new large PDF supplement for Trystell: Reborn and the third and final release in the "Other Alternatives" series.

That's what's been done. So what can be expected in the near future?

As just mentioned, the freebie "Other Alternatives III" can be expected out very, very soon. It is the last freebie in a series of them leading up to the eventual release of the Saga Machine Companion. They give a preview of the new alternative systems that can be found in the Companion for use with the Saga Machine role-playing game. A complete Trystell: Reborn campaign, which makes up a large PDF supplement, can also be expected in the not-too-distant future--hopefully this quarter. This supplement will display in great detail the challenges and intrigue that can be found in and around Melanoc, the core city of the Trystell: Reborn setting. Finally, the Saga Machine Companion itself is well underway.

Looking further to the future, the next setting booklet lined up for writing is Arth, an alternate history setting with paranormal strangeness. Set in an alternate 1901, strange creatures prowl the seas, horrors sleep beneath the ice, vampires stalk the night and various remote groups trade in alien technology. The first setting to use the new revised defaults presented in the Saga Machine Companion, expect to hear much more about Arth in the upcoming months.

So that's a good overview of what we've accomplished in the last three months and what to expect in the near future. We look forward to a successful second half of the year.

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