Third Quarter 2010 Tab Update

Third Quarter 2010 Tab Update

It's time for the third quarter Tab Update, and it has been a fairly busy quarter. Let's review what we've done:

First off, we released the last of the PDF Trystell: Reborn supplements leading up to the printed Beta books. This supplement was the Trystell: Reborn -- Bestiary. It contained a variety of new creature and NPC stat blocks for the Trystell setting, as well as information on how to integrate Saga Machine core rulebook creatures into the world.

This paved the way for the release of both the Trystell: Reborn Player's Guide Beta and the Trystell: Reborn GM's Guide Beta. These supplements became the first printed supplements for the Saga Machine system. They have also been released in PDF.

In the last quarter we have also released another Freebie Spotlight--this time it's the Saga Machine Consequence Cards. These long-awaited cards are a useful play aid for any Saga Machine game, providing easy references of common consequences suffered by characters over the course of play.

The summer's semi-annual Tab Meeting happened a few days ago, and a number of topics were discussed. First off was a review of the Tab Creations Collective membership policies, and some internal decisions were made regarding that. During the meeting it was decided that we will be having an open beta program for testing the new Trystell: Reborn rules--expect an official announcement concerning that in the near future. We also discussed the release schedule for Tab in the near future. Of course, as before, the next big project in the pipeline is The Zeotis setting supplement for Saga Machine. Following the release of The Zeotis expect a full-sized poster map of the new Trystell: Reborn setting, and then a setting supplement for the brand new sci-fi setting,Shadows Over Sol, which we announced after the last Tab meeting.

We have a couple other projects under works, but for now those will remain under wraps. We look forward to another productive quarter.

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