Third Quarter 2009 Tab Update

Third Quarter 2009 Tab Update

Another quarter has passed, and we've recently had our usual summer Tab meeting. While there haven't been any new releases this quarter, we have had definite progress made on a number of fronts. Let me sum up:

First, let me say the Trystell Lifepath Module is still under development. It's getting close to being done, but we still have a number more regions and pursuits with event tables to flesh out. When we gave our first estimates on this we'd never made a lifepath system before And having done so now, let me say that they are a lot of work. Nevertheless, I believe that this supplement will see release within this upcoming quarter. It is also likely to be the longest supplement Trystell receives leading up to the release of the main Trystell: Reborn book.

In addition to work on the Lifepath system, the playtest campaign for Trystell going was completed, and a campaign playtesting out Saga Machine take on The Zeotis setting is ongoing. Both have shown a great deal of promise, with The Zeotis supplement for Saga Machine hopefully seeing completion by the end of this year.

This past quarter saw the release of only one Freebie Spotlight, mostly because our available time and energy was eaten up by work on the Lifepath Module. We do have ideas floating around for at least a half-dozen more Freebie Spotlights, though, and after the Lifepath Module sees release--hopefully in this next quarter--we will see a number more such Spotlights published.

To reiterate the Trystell release plan: We plan to release a number of PDF supplements covering the various aspects of the new Trystell: Reborn setting. Once all of the supplements have been released, we plan to compile them, first into a printed Trystell: Reborn -- Player's Guide for the player-oriented information, then into the complete Trystell: Reborn setting book.

In addition to the supplements intended to be compiled into this work, we also have two follow-up Trystell supplements underway, intended to be released around the same time as the final Trystell settingbook. The first is a supplement covering Trystell's sister moon of Blaugh'Ock, written by our member Jesse Pingenot. The next is a supplement giving a more in-depth treatment to the the regions of Northeastern Trystell, written by our member Matthew Pennell.

At the summer meeting our plans following the release of Trystell: Reborn and The Zeotis were discussed. Although no estimated date has been attached to it yet, we plan to eventually release a Saga Machine Companion,compiling all of the additional, errated or alternate rules written for Saga Machine, as well as the additional traits, equipment or even alternate modules that might develop as Saga Machine games continued to be played, and people continue to tweak, house-rule and work out any kinks in the system.

Looking into the future as well, Matthew and Darin have been tasked with looking into a secret project for a possible new setting development following the release of our two current planned ones--this one in a genre we've never done before. More on that perhaps after the next meeting in the winter.

Finally, we discussed promotion of the Collective and our products. Darin and Thorin (me) have been tasked with heading our online promotion mostly via networking social sites. Matthew has been tasked with looking into promotion through cons, with the possibility of a Tab presence at two upcoming cons in the next year.

That's it.

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