Tab Update: Third Quarter 2023

Tab Update: Third Quarter 2023

Hello friends, fans and gaming family! The year 2023 continues to fly by, and it's already half over! Things may seem quiet with us, but rest assured: a lot is going on behind the scenes. Let's dive in!

First off, the Saga Machine Unified playtest continues to make excellent progress! So far we've released no less than five playtest packets, and this marks roughly the halfway point in our playtesting plans. We want to make sure to get everything in the system just right before moving forward with it in future games.

So far the basic rules, character creation and combat have been generally well received, with revisions regularly being made based on fan feedback. The preliminary results from the most recent packet, however (Health & Damage), show that we may be significantly off the mark when it comes to how we've implemented health and fatigue. Later this month, expect a revision of our projected playtesting schedule. Not only will we take a second stab at getting health and fatigue right, but we're also going to take this opportunity to revisit all of the controversial questions in the playtest thus far, making sure that the basic systems are all fully settled before moving on, in the playtest packets to come, to player options that build on those systems.

In the meantime, our Patreon continues unabated. In April, our patrons got access to Age of Ambition: Game Master's Toolkit and later this month thy'll gain access to Age of Ambition: Heights of Power. Neither of these, however, have seen a quickstarter nor a public release yet. Rather, we plan to Kickstart them in the fall as part of an Age of Ambition 3-pack. This hopefully will allow us to focus more on the crowdfunding campaign than we otherwise could with a regular quarterly quickstarter. It will also hopefully reduce Kickstarter fatigue among our fans. These two releases will be joined by Age of Ambition: Melanoc Adventures, a compilation of our Melanoc-based one-sheet scenarios, including two never before published!

Looking to the future, we have three scenarios currently contracted and in the writing stage: two for Shadows Over Sol and one for Age of Ambition. These should see release on our Patreon in the quarters to come, most likely followed by a crowdfunding campaign of some sort. If fall's 3-Pack is a success, we may follow a similar model. Otherwise, we may revert back to quarterly quickstarters. We're also considering experimenting with Kickstarter alternatives, such as BackerKit, GameFound or IndieGogo. Have any thoughts on this? Let us know!

We also have plans for a number of additional one-sheet scenarios, including ones in support of Siren's Call and Dime Adventures.

Finally, progress is being made, albeit slowly, on the next big Age of Ambition campaign. Not only does it serve as a possible follow-up to What Lies Beneath, but it's also a higher-powered campaign, focusing on organization / domain management and heroes who are truly political movers and shakers. Expect to hear more about it in updates to come.

That's all for now. Good gaming, everyone!

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