Tab Update: Third Quarter 2022

Tab Update: Third Quarter 2022

I almost forgot the Tab Update this quarter, it's been so busy! But rejoice; it wasn't forgotten! So let's dive in!

First things first, Age of Ambition: Tainted Gold was released through Patreon and Kickstarter in July, followed by a general release in August. It's done well, and I'm happy to say that the dual Patreon/Quickstarter release model is working out well for us. We're planning to continue using it for our smaller releases for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of which, our next major Kickstarter, Age of Ambition: What Lies Beneath, has been announced for October 11th. It is is a full campaign and sourcebook, which follows a band of Legionnaires — elite guards of Melanoc — as they patrol the streets, navigate politics and discover an unknown subterranean civilization. Along the way, the heroes face off against criminal organizations, explore prophetic dreams, navigate cultural differences, uncover corruption in the highest echelons of society and make a name for themselves as the defenders of the city.

If you haven't visited the Kickstarter page and clicked "Notify me on launch," go do so now!

Meanwhile, our usual autumn small supplement has been pushed back to November. It will be Shadows Over Sol: Dark Abyss. As it stands now, it's entirely written, edited, laid out and is currently in the proofing stage.

Looking further to the future, Age of Ambition: The Forslin Job is likely going to be our January release. Editing on it just started this week.

Furthermore, with any luck, the What Lies Beneath Kickstarter will be a successful enough that it unlocks a few stretch goals. To prepare for that eventuality, we've otherwise left our slate open so that we have adequate time and manpower to produce them in a timely manner. Regardless, as the year moves into its final quarter, we intend to solidify our plans for 2023. Stay tuned for more news on that in future Tab Updates!

That's it for now. Good gaming, everyone!

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