Tab Update: Third Quarter 2021

Tab Update: Third Quarter 2021

Hello, Tab Creations fans, friends and gaming family! It's time for our quarterly review and look into the future. It's time for the Tab Update!

As usual, we've kept quite busy. Most of our time has been spent following up on the Jovian Whispers Kickstarter. This quarter we released the Jovian Whispers campaign and sourcebook in PDF, in addition to the Sol Poster Map and three of the four unlocked One-Sheet Scenarios. Kickstarter backers have already seen the fourth One-Sheet Scenario, as well as two extra unlocked documents. These will be released to the general public in the coming weeks. In addition, the print version of Jovian Whispers is currently with Studio 2, our fulfillment partner, and copies should ship out to backers anyday now. Once they ship, we'll make a final Kickstarter post, and consider Jovian Whispers a great success!

Through our Patreon, this quarter saw the release of Age of Ambition: Escape From Prison Isle. This was our fifth Age of Ambition scenario and twenty-first Patreon release. All-in-all, we've very pleased with how it turned out and how well our Age of Ambition line has been performing.

This upcoming quarter, we've got some great games in the works!

Next month we plan to launch a second printing of our ever-popular Ganjifa: Indian Playing Cards. Physical decks have been out of print since 2019, so this is an exciting comeback! Look for the Kickstarter to launch sometime in October.

October should also see the release of our next Patreon scenario: Age of Ambition: The Butcher's War. This adventure pits the party against a rogue admiral, an ancient spirit and a privateer fleet. In addition, we will be releasing Shadows Over Sol: Jovian Missions, a compilation of previously published one-shot scenarios intended to accompany the Jovian Whispers campaign. Finally, we may release a bonus One-Sheet Scenario for our Dime Adventures line.

Further out, we have an Age of Ambition campaign and sourcebook in the outline stage. Work on it is expected to begin in earnest this upcoming quarter, with a publication date sometime next year. We also plan to continue to support our Patreon with quarterly releases, and in 2022 we may experiment with the Quick-Starter model of running a few short, focused Kickstarter campaigns for individual scenarios.

That's all for now! Good gaming and have a great fall!

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