Tab Update: Second Quarter 2021

Tab Update: Second Quarter 2021

We've been busy. So busy that we somehow forgot to post a Tab Update last quarter. Therefore, this update covers both this quarter and last. Let's begin!

The big news - and what's kept us so busy - is that the Jovian Whispers Kickstarter successfully funded! We raised $11,774 in 21 days. This was an experiment for us, as all of our previous Kickstarters have run for 30 days. Regardless of the shorter funding period, this Kickstarters ranks up there as one of our best! I think it's safe to say that the shorter funding period didn't significantly impact what we were able to raise, and we're likely to try it again in the future.

This Kickstarter also was the first to feature One-Sheet Scenarios as stretch goals. I think it's still too early to tell how successful they will be versus other stretch goals we've offered in the past, but if you're one of our fans reading this and have an opinion, we welcome your comments!

Finally, we also approached the Patreon-challenge stretch goal(s) differently this Kickstarter, offering multiple ways to unlock certain goals: either a funding amount or a number of patrons. This new variation of our Patreon challenge we feel didn't work as well as in the past, and in future Kickstarters we're likely to go back to our old model of one Patreon-challenge goal that's unlocked only through patron count.

We've been hard at work since the Kickstarter ended as well. As I make this post it's been a week since the funding period came to a close. In that time we've set up the pre-order store for those who missed the Kickstarter. We've also started commissioning the next wave of artwork. We received the edited text back and reviewed the edits. We've written one of the unlocked One-Sheet Scenarios and have outlined two others. We've also started the game's layout. That's all in a week. As I said: we've been busy.

In the next week, we hope to complete the first layout pass and finalize the contracts on even more art commissions. We're also likely to receive the money from Kickstarter here in another week as well. We'll send out backer surveys after that.

In non-Kickstarter related news, our Patreon is still going strong. Through it, we released Age of Ambition: A Little Murder back in January and Shadows Over Sol: Visions in April. We also have a new Age of Ambition adventure on the slate for July. This one has a sort of nautical jailbreak theme, and features one of our favorite antagonists! Writing on it will start in the next week, and we'll have the draft text ready for our Patrons Supreme around the end of June.

Looking further to the future, I expect that fulfilling the Jovian Whispers Kickstarter and July Patreon release will consume our efforts through the summer. In the fall, we're planning a reprint of our Ganjifa cards, as the physical decks have been out of print since early 2020. Further out than that, we have a full length campaign and sourcebook for Age of Ambition in the works. It's in the outline stage right now, and writing will begin once Jovian Whispers wraps up.

That's all for now. Good gaming, everyone!

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