Tab Update: Q3 2014

Tab Update: Q3 2014

Wow. Is it time for another quarterly Tab Update again? It is. Here we go!

As with last quarter, the project that has consumed most of our attention is our new epic India-inspired RPG, Against the Dark Yogi. For those who don't yet know, we successfully Kickstarted this game in March, and have since been putting it together for final release. I am happy to say that as I write this, the final PDF of the game is uploading, and it should be made available to our backers within the next day or two. The print version ought to be ordered in the next couple weeks, and sent out to our backers by the end of next month.

In addition to the core book of Against the Dark Yogi, we've also been working on its associated products as well. The posters, consequence cards, GM screen and prana counters arrived with us a week or two ago, and are awaiting being sent out. The consequence cards are ready for sale online as soon as we flip the switch. We've also written, had edited and received art for our Against the Dark Yogi: Campaign Options supplement, and it currently awaits layout.

Needless to say, during the next quarter we will be wrapping up our Against the Dark Yogi work. Not only will we be delivering PDFs and physical shipments, but we'll also be releasing the epub and mobi versions of the book, releasing a form-fillable character sheet and releasing the aforementioned supplement.

We have other projects on the horizon as well, and each of these saw some progress over the last quarter. We've already spilled the beans before about our upcoming horror spoof card game, We're All Going to Die Here, and this project saw a tremendous amount of playtesting and refinement. We're currently looking to Kickstart it in the fall, and we've just begun considering contractors for art and card layout.

We've also been working on our next RPG, a hard science fiction horror game by the name of Shadows Over Sol. While this project is still in the writing and development stages, it is coming along nicely. Hopefully a public playtest will be available by the end of the year.

Finally, we are considering our options regarding a reprint of our Ganjifa: Indian Playing Cards. This reprint would feature new game rules and improved print quality.

And that’s it for now. We’ve had a good quarter, and we hope that everyone else has, too!

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