Tab Update: Q2 2016

Tab Update: Q2 2016

Usually we try to post the quarterly Tab Updates closer to the beginning of the quarter, but things have been very busy around here recently. We’ve also had a very, very successful few months.

Some of the biggest news from the last quarter is the release of a slew of Shadows Over Sol material. Not only did we release the core book to the public, we also released the Consequence Cards, GM Screen Inserts, Poster Map, Ready-Made Heroes, Shiny New Toys, Beyond Human, Fatal Frontier, Small Mercy and Eviction Notice. These were all unlocked by the Shadows Over Sol Kickstarter, and along with Roll20 support, constitute the entirety of the Kickstarter rewards.

All of these releases have also been great for business, as January, February and March were our best months ever in DriveThruRPG sales.

Meanwhile, we’ve continued to support Against the Dark Yogi. Last quarter we rolled out Roll20 support for it as well, and so far this quarter we’ve released both updated errata and a new adventure, The Amitra Gemstone.

This latter supplement was made possible through the support of our Patreon backers! Last quarter we announced the start of our Saga Machine Patreon project, creating new Against the Dark Yogi or Shadows Over Sol supplements every few months. The next supplement created as part of the Patreon will be Shadows Over Sol: Dreams and Dust, to be released in July.

This year we also were a sponsor of Intercon, as we have been the past few years.

Looking to the future, we plan to continue to support our Patreon, with a release scheduled for July and another for September. We’ve recently signed a distribution contract with Studio 2 Publishing, and this summer Shadows Over Sol is scheduled to be released in the traditional distribution chain. Against the Dark Yogi is now available through the Tabletop Library storefront. And finally, we have a new game in the works - Dime Adventures, a pulp alternate history game - whose beta test we hope to release to Patreon backers sometime late this summer.

All in all, these are busy times. Catch you next quarter!

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