Tab Update: Q1 2015

Tab Update: Q1 2015

Things have been remarkably busy in Tab Creations-land - so busy that we even missed our Tab Update last quarter. But rest assured, this update covers everything we've done in the past year, as well as everything we're planning for the upcoming year.

Let’s start with the year’s biggest news. In Q1 of this year we launched and funded our company’s second and largest Kickstarter, the mythic India RPG Against the Dark Yogi! Funding to over $11,000, we hit every stretch goal we set out to achieve and then some. We spent most of the year readying the game for release. It finally saw print in Q3, and we followed it up with a variety of expansions and add-ons.

Against the Dark Yogi is now available to purchase in print or PDF/eBook at DriveThruRPG, as is its supplement Against the Dark Yogi: Campaign Options, Consequence Cards, Zone Consequence Cards, GM Screen Inserts and Poster Map. We also have basic and form-fillable character sheets for the game available on our website.

In the upcoming quarter we hope to release a pack of Pre-Gen characters for Against the Dark Yogi, and then an adventure later in the year.

All through this year we’ve continued to support our Ganjifa: Indian Playing Cards. Although we’ve had some trouble with selling them through Amazon, we hopefully have that ironed out now and the cards will resume sale in the next couple weeks. Should the Amazon issues not be resolved soon, we plan to look for sales alternatives.

In the upcoming year we plan to begin to offer a print-and-play version of Ganjifa through DriveThruCards.

The most disappointing news of the year came from the casual horror-themed card game we’ve been working on, We’re All Going to Die Here. This game had a Kickstarter launched in Q4, but the funding goal as not reached. This was our first failed Kickstarter as a company, and it provoked a lot of reflection on what went wrong and what we could do better in the future.

In the end we believe that We’re All Going to Die Here is a game with a lot of potential - and we continue to play it in house, making tweaks ad we go along. It is likely to see publication in some form in the future, but that form is unlikely to be another Kickstarter in 2015. Right now we’re keeping our options open, and considering the best way to fund the game.

Finally, in Q4 we started the first phase of the public playtest for our upcoming science fiction horror RPG, Shadows Over Sol. The playtest is going well, and we continue to have feedback coming in. This game is likely to be a major focus throughout 2015. We’re planning to begin the second phase of the playtest later this quarter. Some chapters will also likely find their way to editing by the quarter’s end, and some art will be commissioned. We’re aiming for a Fall 2015 Kickstarter.

Last year Tab Creations had a presence at two cons, as well as being a sponsor of another. In the upcoming year we plan to maintain a similar con presence, as well as making an unofficial appearance at GenCon as well. If you’re going to GenCon look for games of Against the Dark Yogi and Shadows Over Sol!

That’s it for now. We hope that everyone has a great year. And keep on gaming!

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