Tab Update: Q1 2014

Tab Update: Q1 2014

It's that time again when we review our progress an setbacks over the last year. And 2013 has been a year of massive change for Tab Creations.

Let's start with the biggest change: In the early days of 2013 Tab Creations LLC was founded as the new business outgrowth of our long-time gaming braintrust, the Tab Creations Collective. This has resulted in a variety of secondary changes, as we have geared our website to focus more on the new LLC, and have focused our the Collective more on the ideas. Also as a consequence, this Tab Update, as well as future Tab Updates, will focus on the LLC. Information about the Collective can still be found in the DevBlog.

The biggest focuses for Tab in 2013 were the Kickstarter and release of our first product, Ganjifa: Traditional Indian Playing Cards, as well as the run up to our second Kickstarter and first tabletop RPG, Against the Dark Yogi

The Ganjifa Kickstarter was a success! We not only reached our funding goal, but went beyond it by several thousand dollars! Our rewards were sent out on time (albeit just barely) and overall we think its launch was a success. That's not to say there weren't issues, however. While we may have got the cards out on time, there were unexpected delays in customs. Additionally, the first rewards that were mailed suffered from a poor choice of packaging materials. Decks that were damaged in transit have been replaced, but there were headaches on our part as we scrambled to come up with better packaging materials. Finally, we realized too late on the Kickstarter that we had mis-estimated the sheer number of international orders that we would get, and that ate into the funds from the Kickstarter that we could put towards printing. While the Kickstarter was still profitable due in large part to overshooting our goal by so much, in future Kickstarters we now know to plan for this. All in all, our Ganjifa Kickstarter was a good learning experience.

Our Ganjifa cards are currently for sale on Amazon.

Against the Dark Yogi - our epic Indian myth RPG - was originally scheduled for a Kickstarter in October, but it has since been moved to early February. This is in large part due to lessons learned from the Ganjifa release. And we're positive now that we will be ready for Against the Dark Yogi when it finally goes live.

Along the lines of Against the Dark Yogi, in 2013 we held four rounds of public playtest of the RPG, as well as releasing several art previews. It was also featured in an article on ENWorld. The game is now fully written and playtested. The majority of chapters have been through editing, and we're waiting on just the last few chapters to be edited before we proceed with the fundraising.

As it's now been publicly mentioned, I can talk about it here: Work on our third game is well underway. We're All Going to Die Here is a quick and casual card game that spoofs everyone's favorite horror movies. Play one of seven victims as they party in an abandoned house and messily die, one by one. Can you claim as much glory for the victim as possible before their cliché behavior causes them to meet an untimely end? The game is currently in private beta, but may make public appearances at several cons throughout 2014.

Speaking of cons, in 2013 Tab Creations LLC was a sponsor of Intercon, had our first con booth at the Springfield GAME convention, had a presence at TengaiCon and will be sponsoring Intercon again in 2014.

Finally, our website has undergone a series of changes over the course of the year. Most of these changes have been backend changes and relatively invisible to the casual visitor, but we did give the website a new design late in the year, and further changes are still upcoming.

The last thing I'm going to mention here is that work has begun on our second upcoming tabletop RPG. While we're not ready to announce it publicly yet, expect an announcement sometime this quarter. Meanwhile, here's a hint: It's a new standalone edition of setting from Tab Creation's existing repertoire.

That's it! Have a good quarter, everyone. And happy New Years!

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