Tab-System Neo Preview

Tab-System Neo Preview

I have been working on the new Tab-System Neo system recently and have gotten the first few chapters mostly complete. This being the case, and since there was some question on the forums about the new system and its nature, I have decided to post a preview of what I have written so far. You can find the preview file HERE. The previews includes the introduction and the chapter on the basic mechanics. It does not include information about thye combat system, character creation or other systems. Those are yet to be written, but hopefully I will have a preview of them in the upcoming weeks, as I write more.

The book will also not have anything on the new Trystell Reborn setting revision we're working on. As it is, I plan on releasing the basic game mechanics as its own setting-independent book. This way the same system can be used to power the Trystell Reborn setting and any other settings we decide to produce for it (such as Arth or the Zeotis or whatever).

Also note that in the Tab-System Neo book there will be an appendix with information about converting between the Tab-System Neo system and the d20 system, so that material written for each system can be used more easily with the other.

If you have any comments, questions, or if you feel any of thw writing is unclear, or if you find types and want to let me know, please feel free.

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