Siren's Call: Writing Update

Siren's Call: Writing Update

The writing for Shadows Over Sol: Siren's Call progresses! (And if you haven't read it yet, click the link to read the combined sourcebook and campaign's announcement!)

As of this blog post, 118 pages have been written, including an estimated 62% of the core campaign arc, 55% of the "side trek" optional scenarios and an estimated 75% of the colony rules (currently in their second round of playtests). The first piece of promotional art has also come in and a second will soon be on the way.

This puts us comfortably past the halfway point in the supplement's development. This also means that are still on track for crowdfunding the supplement sometime early next year (the current goal is somtime late Q1, but no promises). Either way, we should have a special preview for our Patreon backers in January.

Meanwhile, it's Thanksgiving this week here in the US. So from all of us at Tab Creations to you: Happy Thanksgiving!

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