Shadows Over Sol: Ready-Made Heroes Released!

Shadows Over Sol: Ready-Made Heroes Released!

Today we have released the next supplement in our list for Shadows Over Sol. This would be Shadows Over Sol: Ready-Made Heroes! Here is the blurb:

Want to run a quick scenario, but don't have the time to write and stat out a full team? Are you starting up a new campaign, but your players don't know what they want to play? Here are nine pregenerated characters ready to experience the horrors of the Sol system!

Shadows Over Sol: Ready-Made Heroes is a supplement for Shadows Over Sol. Its features include:

  • Nine pregenerated characters ready to run, perfect for a one-shot adventure or full campaign!
  • Full-page art, personality, motives and personal history for each character.
  • Filled out character sheet for each character, ready to print.
  • Fleshed out connections between members of the team, stats for a shared spaceship and plot hooks for each character!

Progress Report

  • Shadows Over Sol: Shiny New Toys is queued for release next week.
  • We're currently waiting on the printing proofs for Beyond Human, Fatal Frontier and Small Mercy.
  • Eviction Notice is currently in editing and layout.
  • We're ironing out our future plans, and hope to have a major announcement next month!

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