Shadows Over Sol for Foundry VTT

Shadows Over Sol for Foundry VTT

Today we are thrilled to announce that Shadows Over Sol is now officially supported on Foundry VTT. We wish to extend our gratitude to Leratier Bretonnien, who did a lot of hard work getting the system set up on that platform.

For those not in the know, Shadows Over Sol is a hard science fiction horror roleplaying game, set in our own solar system some 200 years in the future. Foundry VTT is a modern, feature-rich virtual tabletop platform that has seen an impressive amount of growth in the last couple years.

To install the Shadows Over Sol system in Foundry VTT, simply open the application, click on the Game Systems tab, click the Install System button and then select Shadows Over Sol in the list. All of the virtual tabletop tools for the system are free. Please submit any bug reports using GitLab.

We hope you enjoy the Foundry VTT support! Good gaming!

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