Setting Sheet: Tansaar

Setting Sheet: Tansaar

This is our first of a new type of Freebie Spotlight: the Setting Sheet. Basically it's a page--both front and back--detailing a particular setting in brief. Over the coming month or two we plan to release a number of setting sheets, all leading up to the release of our final product for the first generation of Saga Machine games: Nexus Endtime.

This sheet details the fantasy world of Tansaar. Let me just give a blurb from the sheet:

Two hundred years ago a great war between the kingdoms of Tansaar culminated in a magical apocalypse, known as the Descent, that left the entire surface of the world scarred by devastating magical storms, and drove the survivors deep underground. Once underground they enslaved the native inhabitants of the underdeeps, and carried on in their ongoing struggles, founding new kingdoms, but keeping the old feuds alive. Today the world is one of increasing hostilities, the underdeep natives fighting to be free, the underground kingdoms skirmishing, and the kingdoms clamping down on dissidents. Meanwhile, the storms of the past continue to rage overhead, both literally and figuratively.

Check it out. Meanwhile, in other news: Work progresses on our Indian mythology-based game. We even have a name for the game now. Expect that to be announced soon. We also still have a few more thing to wrap up with the Blaugh'Ock supplement. But that remains close to done. Finally, our Development Blog has half a dozen posts now, and that post count continues to grow. For the latest on what Tab is developing, it would be a good thing to follow.

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