Setting Sheet: Fandikal

Setting Sheet: Fandikal

Now I would like to announce the penultimate Setting Sheet in our ongoing series leading up to the (unofficial) release of Nexus Endtime: Fandikal. Like our first five, this Setting Sheet is a page--both front and back--detailing a particular setting in brief. We plan to release one more setting sheet, and then release Nexus Endtime, one of the final two releases for our first generation of Saga Machine products.

You will once again notice that this setting sheet post is in our Development Blog rather than the mainTabBlog. This is a change, as we plan to announce our unofficial (the Collective) releases here, whereas the TabBlog will be reserved for company business.

This sheet details the world of Fandikal, a fantasy world in a golden age. A blurb from the setting sheet is below:

Fandikal is a medieval fantasy world emerging once again into a golden age or trade and empire. The great empires of the past, which fell in the disruptions of the Scourge may be but a memory, but new empires have risen. Now these empires raid the ruins of the past for powerful artifacts, form vast alliances and pick off the remaining independent tribes and peoples, accumulating them into the empire's growing bulk.

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