Setting Sheet: Cesspool

Setting Sheet: Cesspool

I'm now happy to present the fourth in our series of Setting Sheets: Cesspool. Like our first three, this Setting Sheet is a page--both front and back--detailing a particular setting in brief. We plan to release several more setting sheets, all leading up to the release of our final product for the first generation of Saga Machine games: Nexus Endtime.

You will also notice that this setting sheet post is in our Development Blog rather than the main TabBlog. This is a change, as we plan to announce our unofficial releases here, whereas the TabBlog will be reserved for company business.

This sheet details the world of Cesspool, a world where the Rippling Mists roll in every day and take people. It's a world with mysterious travelers, and creatures of the night. Here is the blurb from the sheet:

Cesspool is a strange and seemingly finite reality. Unlike many worlds, which consist of entire spheres, Cesspools seems to consist only of a single city, surrounded by the rippling mists. Walking through Cesspool, the world appears to be a city at some indeterminate time in the Twentieth Century. Various relics of different decades appear together side-by-side, as if they always went together. One might see a breakdancer performing on the street to music played on an early phonograph. Or one might see a man in suspenders and a fedora pull a bulky walkie-talkie out of his coat and talk to someone on the other end, all the while sitting in an internet cafe. What's more, no one in the world finds this odd.

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