Setting Sheet: Bhurloka

Setting Sheet: Bhurloka

I'm now happy to present our second Setting Sheet: Bhurloka. Like our first Setting Sheet (Tansaar), it's a page--both front and back--detailing a particular setting in brief. We plan to release a number of setting sheets, all leading up to the release of our final product for the first generation of Saga Machine games: Nexus Endtime.

This sheet details the mythic world of Bhurloka. Let me give a blurb from the sheet:

Bhurloka is a world that seems pulled almost directly out of Vedic myth. While the names and places may be different, and everything shifted a bit, the resemblance is uncanny. A multitude of petty human kingdoms dot the forests and mountains of the world, while wandering ascetics meditate on mountaintops or undergo harsh austerities. Savage rakshasas lurk deep in the wilderness and undead pretas stalk the roads at night.
But something in the world is out of balance. The eternal cycles of birth, death and reincarnation continue, yet the balance and cosmic laws of the world--its dharma--is under attack. Far to the east a dark figure is rising and beginning to claim dominion over the world, meanwhile villains and opportunists are seizing the opportunity while dharma is out of whack to make their own moves to exploit the world.
Some whisper, though, that the universe seeks to correct itself. Rare individuals, Chosen of Dharma, are being empowered to right the threat to the world. Those who find themselves on Bhurloka may soon find themselves caught in the middle of this conflict with few places to run.

You may have guessed that Bhurloka is also something of a sneak peak into the world of our upcoming game,Against the Dark Yogi, seem from the perspective of Nexus Endtime. If you guessed this, you would be correct.


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