Second Quarter Tab Update 2012

Second Quarter Tab Update 2012

This quarter has been one of slow, steady progress. While we didn't get as much done as we had planned (life getting in the way of game writing), we did manage to make solid progress on our game lines. This quarter saw the release of two Trystell: Reborn supplements, meaning there are only three left to release before the finalTrystell: Reborn hardback is put together and finally released. And of those three remaining supplements, two have seen significant progress in their writing. Expect one of them to be finished and released in the upcoming couple weeks.

In addition to our work on Trystell: Reborn we were busy with a variety of other things. Highlights include:

  • We released a revision of our popular theater-style one-shot LARP, The Difficult Life of the Costumed Henchmen. This LARP has been ran almost a dozen times now, and has been featured at conventions both in the United States and New Zealand.
  • We also were featured in an article in the magazine, The Weekly Hype.
  • We were once again a sponsor of Intercon, one of the largest LARP conventions in the United States.
  • We made some progress both in planning and writing for our upcoming Arth settling--the setting booklet to follow Trystell: Reborn.
  • Playtesting plans are underway for future rules system development, but those are going to stay under wraps for now.

Looking to the future, in this upcoming quarter we expect the release of the final Trystell: Reborn hardback, and significant progress on our Arth setting--if not the release of the setting booklet itself. Looking further ahead, we still expect the second half of this year to see the release of our apocalyptic setting Nexus Endtime, and quite possibly a follow-up expansion to Trystell: Reborn.

That's it for this quarterly update. We hope that everyone is well, and keep on gaming!

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