Second Quarter 2013 Tab Update

Second Quarter 2013 Tab Update

Like the last few, it's been a busy quarter at Tab Creations.

This quarter our main focus has undeniably been on getting out latest game Against the Dark Yogi ready for its public playtest. And we have met that goal! Our epic Indian mythology game was released for the first iteration of its public playtest just days before the end of the quarter. The playtest was even featured as a news item on the front page of ENWorld.

But that hasn't been our only focus. In the last quarter we've also revised our LARP The Difficult Life of the Costumed Henchman, released a setting sheet for our upcoming Nexus Endtime game and unveiled a number of new art pieces for Against the Dark Yogi. And throughout all this we've repeatedly updated out Development Blog with new posts.

On the business end of things this quarter we underwent a significant restructuring, becoming incorporated once again as a Kansas-based LLC. We've also upped our outreach efforts, including once again being a sponsor of Intercon.

Looking to the future, throughout the next quarter we plan to continue to develop and test Against the Dark Yogi, leading to an eventual Kickstarter release sometime in the early third quarter. We also plan to continue chugging along with Nexus Endtime freebies until that setting is ready to go. Finally, the Blaugh'Ock supplement for Trystell: Reborn continues to edge ever-closer to release. Who knows, there may even be a surprise release or two that creeps into the quarter.

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