Second Quarter 2011 Tab Update

Second Quarter 2011 Tab Update

Last quarter slipped by quickly in the Tab world. Winter is no more, spring is here and with it comes a variety of new Tab work.

Looking back at the last quarter, we released four Freebie Spotlights and the second complete setting for ourSaga Machine system. These Freebie Spotlights included support for our flagship Trystell setting in the form of the Trystell Calendar and the Melanoc Area Map. The core Saga Machine system received support with the Health & Composure Tracking Sheet. The full setting we released was, of course,[Shadows Over Sol, our new hard-scifi setting set 200 years in the future. This setting received support with the Shadows Over Sol Character Sheet. Last quarter also saw much progress in the ongoing Trystell: Reborn open playtest.

Looking to the future, we have a Freebie Spotlight and a PDF supplement in the support of Trystell under construction. And our next print book, the Saga Machine Companion, is in writing as well. This book will update the Saga Machine system to include three years of feedback and system tweaks, as well as introducing a range of new creatures, traits and consequences. Expect this book to be completed somewhere around third quarter 2011. Looking further to the future, new supplements will make use of the new conventions and systems introduced in the Saga Machine Companion. Possible future supplements still in the "idea phase" include print releases of our old Arth and Nexus Endtime settings. And, of course, the final hardback of Trystell: Reborn is in the future as well, once the open playtest completes. But who knows what the future will bring?

That about sums it up. We look forward to another good quarter.

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